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Empire of the Sapphire Mountain

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Empire of the Sapphire Mountain
Official Languages Elven
Currency Snow Elven
Capital Sapphire Citadel
Largest City Sapphire Citadel
Date Founded Unknown
Head of State Title Emperor
Head of State Second Emperor of Might
Head of Government Title Dio Maester
Head of Government Ralozumin
Sovereignty Type Tribal
Imports Weapons, Food, Materials
Exports Metals, Stone
Races 100% Snow Elf ((allededly))
Languages 100% Elven
Religion Elanaar and Elaniir


General Infomation

Dogma: Domination, Expansion, Power
Government: Monarchy
Punishment for Crime: Banishment, Execution, Imprisonment
Country and Climate; Cold, windy, Snowy

The empire is a elven culture of warriors, tradition and domination and are a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor and combat. The aggressive culture had made them a military power to be respected and feared.


When the Great war ended, a great fleet of boats landed in the north of Thornia. These returning snow elves, having been driven out of the Western Lands in a revolt returned to their ancestral homeland. Still factionalised and tired, the Thornia elves could not stop, nor control a large band of refugees. A unified force, the snow elves and the larger numbered thornia elves formed a balance as the snow elves rebuilt the Empire of the Sapphire Mountain, a idea more then a land that exists wherever the snow elves do.

The years since, the snow elves have remained silent. Even the elves knew they were in essence a free faction but as long as they fell into line no action was needed by the princes whom have no army to truly oppose the snow elves. However at the end of 30 AGR any notion of control had dissolved and the Thornian Princess and the Snow Elves were locked in a political cold war for control over Thornia. It was here, that the major nations learned that the snow elves had returned and the Empire of the Sapphire Mountain had come to the north west corners of Thornia. They claim they no longer use slaves and have denied all accusations made by the princes, however, rumours of slavers attacking undefended villages are floating about.


Snow elves have very pale skin, and the hair tone matches the skin tone. Most have a ghostly pale skin tone, however very pale yellow and pale greens exist. Eye colour tends to be a pink or purple tint.


The snow elves value hygiene, and are highly structured and organised into a caste. Non-elven are nothing less then barbarians, whom have bad hygiene and are naturally lesser forms of being. The Snow elves have worked a form of Isandu into faith of the Elanaar and Elaniir churches. However a degree of Thornia elven culture remains.

The aim of the snow elves, of course, is to establish elven dominion over the world and subjugate all other races - especially humans, But even to a hated enemy polite manners must be met. Getting others to do labour is natural and slaves are expendable from merely being a lesser form of life, such work is under the caste but males still have great sword skills and it is a huge honour above all to die for the emperor if it is so needed. This means they are a heavy military culture and organised. Being a skilled warrior is a huge status symbol. Uniforms tend to be white to blend into the historic snow of the Western Lands

The Thornian King was always considered something of a holy figure descended by blood from Elanaar and Elaniir. The Snow elves have taken this concept further, their emperor is the living god. All else to this fact is heresy and human ignorance. Only the emperors wife and highest concubines may gaze at him along with the highest priests and the most elite of the court. To see him is a huge honor; all else must avert gaze at this most holy presence. Standing on his shadow is forbidden, interrupting him is forbidden.

The emperor is not called by name. Each emperor chooses a aspect as a name. Successive emperors using the same aspect become numbered for example the Third Emperor of Reason is the third emperor using the title.

The snow elves believe in bending the world and it's denizens to their will rather than living in harmony with them (like their Thornian cousins) and do see the need for cities, and have heavily industrialized. This has caused a lot of anger as the snow elves mechanical cogs, steams and pipes now flood the cities that was once Thornia land. They consider it natural, a superior race must have superior technology and they will go to lengths to get it. Recently spies have been found taking plans from the Steam Citadel.

Honor, and rituals are key in culture here as is respect of ones betters and ancestor worship brought in from Isandu. Women are not equal and have basic rights. Tradition is important, and traditionally chairs are for the highest of born. Most sit on a pillow on the floor, and use short tables. Beds have short to no legs. Paper lanturns and windows have been worked into construction. Bonsai is a huge past time, and tea is a highly ritual and important status symbol. Their clothing tends to have quite a distinctive style (similar to real world historic Japan and India but much thicker with overcoats).

Shamed and dishonored snow elves can perform ritualistic Suicide to redeem themselves however the concept of honor only exists internally and all actions against lesser beings is seen as fine.

Warriors often tend to sing great epics of the feats they have done, and elders are respected pillars and sages of the community.

Like Thornia the snow elves have a similar house system, but houses can not in this instance call themselves princes or princesses, but lords instead at highest. Individual houses also do not have the same freedoms that a Thornian house might, and most of the power is concentrated within the official government positions. The result of this more centralized form of governance means that while the Snow Elves in number might only be comparable to one of the larger Thornian Houses, their razor sharp focus in carrying out their Emperor's will, their ruthless efficiency, and their warrior culture make them a formidable threat to Thornia.

Major Geographical Features

Koran Mountain Range

The west of the mountain enters Thornia land and has become the new base for the snow elves. Cold, and windy the mountain is a isolated fortress.

Fields of Wind
The vast fields between the mountain and the forests of Thornia proper used to hold farms and travellers wandering internally around the country, now it is the breadbasket of the snow elves, a fortress now guards here.


The snow elves don't venture outside their territory to sell their goods except the occasional caravans to nearby Thornian settlements. Caravans from other cities are welcome to approach Snow Elven settlements for trade but never allowed to enter. The caravans are usually met by Snow Elven representatives who are generally willing to sell a variety of raw materials such as metals and stones at very competitive prices but never finished goods. They might despise the rest of the world, but they still see the need for goods they can't pull out of the ground in their own territories.


Sapphire Citadel

Fort Sheen Lenora

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